Cask & Kettle Irish Gastropub

Client: Cask & Kettle Irish Gastro Pub
Completion: June 2016

“We love Cask & Kettle. It is a place that we really feel at home at. It is truly a great space.”

For Elwood’s this projected started by being given a footprint for a 27-long live edge table. It was a challenge in many perspectives. The budget was tight, it was going to wrap around 7 irregularly shaped beams, and it sit along its length on two different levels of floor.

The process was like building a puzzle. An inner layer of table and the outer live edges formed a slab of wood, perfectly suited for an Irish Gastropub residing in an 130-year old building.┬áThe metal work now part of Elwood’s trademark balanced the table’s design nicely.

The project continued with the designing and crafting of the fireplace area seating, side booth, and front window booth.

Talk to owners Shawn Verner, and Mike McPartland, and ask them how we did on the project. For us the answer has come in the form of a great partnership today that benefits both businesses.

Grab some food, a beer or Irish whiskey at: 112 Prince William Street, Saint John, NB.